RICS Building Survey (Level 3)

A comprehensive and full structural survey.

RICS Building Survey (Level 3)

Our Building Survey (Level 3) is a comprehensive and full structural survey.

If you choose to have a RICS Building Survey carried out, our local RICS accredited building surveyor will assess the construction of the building and its structural integrity. This survey is usually recommended for prewar dwellings or with significant historical damage, alteration, or any known areas/element/components of concern within the building. The Building Survey (Level 3) will give you a greater explanation of any defects. Once defects have been described within the report, we also provide recommendations for remedial action.

We aim to and are always committed to giving our clients the best value possible, where we can, we include additional helpful information where appropriate to ensure you get the most out of the service and our surveyors when choosing a full structural survey.

As with the Homebuyer Report (Level 2), we will compile the Building Survey (Level 3) using our standard formatted template which is designed to be industry jargon-free and easy to follow. We use the RICS standard reporting traffic light system, thus enabling clients to easily understand areas of the property that need attention. We do include images, as needed (depending on the property) within the building survey.

A breakdown of repair costs can be added to the survey.

In a Level 2 Home Survey Report, you will find the following information:

Level 1 / Green: no action is required

Level 2 / Amber: defects requiring attention and repair but not urgent

Level 3 / Red: serious defects requiring urgent attention and repair.

In a Level 3 Building Survey Report, you will find the following information:

• The building is described in detail regarding each of its elements.

• An overall impression of what the building’s condition is as a whole.

• The condition of each building element is broken down in a detailed manner.

• Each section will be accompanied by photographic evidence.

• Recommendations for whom to commission for any repairs or additional testing

• Legal matters that your legal advisor should be aware of

• Hazards that may pose a danger to your health and/or the health of others in the building.

• Recommendations for reducing energy consumption.

• EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to ensure that the rating of the property is accurate.

• It is possible to add a breakdown of the estimated costs

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