RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2)

Our most popular report.

RICS Building Survey (Level 2)

The Home Buyer Survey (Level 2) is a visual inspection of the property to evaluate the overall condition of the building and highlight any obvious defects. The report will help the buyer make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether to proceed with the purchase.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) classes a Homebuyer Report as a Level 2 survey, which is most appropriate for modern homes of conventional construction that are in a reasonable state of repair. For older properties (pre-war), buildings that require (or have undergone) major alterations or refurbishment, or those built with non-standard methods and materials, a detailed Building Survey (Level 3) is recommended.

At Arbery Surveyors, we compile our reports on a well-built and formatted template that is designed to be industry jargon-free and easy to follow. We use the RICS standard reporting traffic light system, thus enabling clients to easily understand areas of the property that need attention.

Level 1 / Green: no action is required

Level 2 / Amber: defects requiring attention and repair but not urgent.

Level 3 / Red: serious defects requiring urgent attention and repair.

In a Level 2 Home Survey Report, you will find the following information:

In addition to this, it is possible to add a property valuation to your home buyer survey, which you can refer to when deciding on whether or not to purchase the property. We are often able to save our clients thousands of pounds when it comes to negotiations between buyers and sellers.

In the Homebuyers Report, you will find the following information:

• Detailed ratings of the property’s condition and the surveyor’s overall assessment

• The property’s features.

• The condition of the elements outside the property

• The condition of the interior elements of the property

• There is a visual inspection included for services such as electricity, gas, and water.

• Outbuildings, garages, and grounds, including their condition.

• Issues for your legal advisers to pay attention to

• The risks connected with the building and the grounds (for instance, damp, timber movement, structural movement, etc.)

• Risks to people and other areas of risk

• There is the option to add a property valuation as well (regardless of whether your purchase price is acceptable or not).

• Next steps to be taken.

• Tips for maintaining the property

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